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Wonder & Wander: The Junk Gypsy Book

Christina Elliget Dry Brushing Junk Gypsies Junk Gypsy Book Projects

     A couple years ago I was laying in bed, flipping through channels, unable to sleep while the hubby was out on a call. I came across a show on GAC called Junk Gypsies and Honey, they were dancin’ up a storm. Yep. It was the Junk Gypsies and their Junk-O-Rama Prom. I was hooked. Who were the amazing women full of glitter, sparkle, and life? They wielded power tools and made over junk???? How could I find out more???? Fast forward a little bit. I had been following them on social media in complete awe and decided to send out my very first tweet to the Junk Gypsies. How could someone terrified of color incorporate it into their life? Their response: “Start small with one color and go from there.” I bought my first can of Junk Gypsy Paint in Wanderlust and haven’t looked back. Seriously, my kids play what has Mum painted Wanderlust today on a daily basis.

                In May I learned the Junk Gypsies would be launching their first book and I was beyond excited. Jumping on the computer I immediately pre-ordered it in both a hard copy and digital copy. I am not always the most patient person, so started myself a little countdown.   Then they sent out a tweet about a blog post looking for people to help promote the book. Turning my truck around, I ran back to the house to apply. I didn’t even read the part that there were goodies if you got picked, I just knew I had to be a part of the launch team. Promoting a book that I KNEW was going to be amazing??? Ummm, yes please. Then I got this e-mail…

Ya’ll I screamed so loud I woke up Miss Esmae! I was so excited. I immediately followed the directions and was able to read a digital copy of the book.

     To say it was amazing will not do it justice. I read it in one sitting, and almost missed getting my son off the bus I was so engrossed in it.  Then I read it again, then again.  Not only is it the story of the Junk Gypsies, it has DIY projects, a road trip playlist, and a flea market guide. It’s like the words jumped off the page and hit directly into my soul. Finally, someone understood this longing I had been told for years to tamp down. My wandering, restless spirit had found people who understood and loved vintage things, rust, and junk as much as I did. I wasn’t crazy. I had finally found my tribe. The book has finally been released and I am able to share a small beginner project from the book I did. I’ve learned a lot over the last year and (one of) the wonderful thing about this book is that there projects for everyone, from beginners to advanced Junkers. We’re talkin’ moving houses ya’ll!

                So here’s a beginners project from the book, learning and working on the dry brushing technique. I did it using a gold frame someone gave me, Junk Gypsy paint in Wanderlust, Gypsy Prom, and Happy Camper. But mostly Wanderlust.

Gather your supplies:



 Dip your brush in the paint (only a little) then dab off most of it.  You only want a very small amount on your brush.


Then slowly drag the brush over your project.  The goal is to just get a little paint on it.  You can always add more paint.


Keep brushing until you get something you like.  If you get too much in one spot, just take your trusty sandpaper and sand a little off.  Try layering different colors to give depth and dimension.



Once you get your piece to the way you want it, use a clear coat to seal it.



And viola! Your project is ready to be displayed or given as a gift! 


Stay tuned for more projects and make sure if you try it you tag or post pictures so I can see! 

  • Cliff Horman on

    I’m a kindred spirit that loves creativity. Can’t wait for my book to arrive.
    I really want your paint here in Australia.
    I have a furniture and design shop.
    You go girls ?❤️

  • Denise Watts on

    Great blog. You did a wonderful job! Love the frame! Here’s to the Junk Gypsies!

  • Rene Marie Foust on


  • Mary Ann Sikkema Potter on

    A great entry! The frame turned out beautifully. I’ll be a regular follower!

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